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Female Hen Harrier over a grouse moor

22nd August 2016

James Kay’s letter exploring Hen Harriers on grouse moors has appeared in Bird Watching magazine and is reproduced by kind permission of the magazine. BIRD PROTECTION “The question of Hen Harriers on grouse moors has become increasingly controversial and antagonistic recently. As a member of the RSPB for 60 years, I have observed this polarisation […]

Highs and lows for start of grouse season

8th August 2016

NEWS of major environmental gains where peatland equalling the size of two cities has been restored greets the start of grouse shooting on August 12. Although early hopes of a relatively good season have been dashed for many by adverse late weather during the crucial nesting period, there is cause to celebrate. So said chairman […]

RSPB pull out of Hen Harrier Recovery plan

25th July 2016

STATEMENT by Moorland Association director, Amanda Anderson: “We are disappointed by RSPB’s decision to pull out of Defra’s Hen Harrier Action Plan. We remain committed to seeing more harrier breeding on more grouse moors and will continue to work with partners. “The new upland brood management and lowland reintroduction elements of that plan are still […]

A Charmingly Nervous Gamekeeper

18th July 2016

STANDING in the Country Pursuits Arena of the Great Yorkshire Show – and head to toe in tweed – was a charmingly nervous gamekeeper, writes Liv Hammond in The Yorkshire Times. (Darren Clare photo) He was here to inform us of the environmental benefits of grouse shooting and heather burning. In a presentation called ‘A year […]

Shooting of game with lead ammunition – No further restrictions

15th July 2016

Days after BBC Wildlife Presenter Chris Packham damned consumption of red grouse as unfit, the then Secretary of State for the Environment, Liz Truss, has rejected the recommendations of the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) process to ban lead ammunition and confirmed that there will be no further restrictions on its use. Chris Packham launched a […]

Countryside groups unite to demand BBC reins in Chris Packham

13th July 2016

THE UK’s leading countryside organisations have joined in condemnation of Chris Packham’s latest attack on grouse moors by demanding the BBC withdraws support for the anti-shooting campaigner. The broadcaster, who regularly presents nature and conservation programmes for the BBC, this week launched a personal social media campaign demanding that Marks And Spencer stops selling red […]

Founder Chairman of the Moorland Association Sir Anthony Milbank dies aged 76

Sir Anthony Milbank

6th July 2016

TRIBUTES have been paid to Sir Anthony Milbank, fifth baronet of Barningham Park, who passed away on Sunday after a battle with cancer. He leaves his wife Belinda and children Alexine, Edward and Toby. Sir Anthony was one of the driving forces behind the foundation of the Moorland Association and became its first Chairman when […]

Ilkley Moor decision applauded

4th July 2016

GROUSE moor management has been given the thumbs up on Ilkley Moor by Bradford City Council. The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council has agreed a draft management plan for the moor which will be put out to public consultation this summer. Despite a campaign by anti-shooting activists, the current licence – which allows eight days […]

Maintaining the magic

Calling curlew

30th June 2016

THERE can be little more magical than hearing the bubbling song of the curlew rolling across the upland pastures on a sunny morning, writes Mike Swan of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust. “Sadly, this wonderful experience is not as common as it used to be, in common with other upland waders like lapwing, golden […]

Illegally set traps – final statement

15th June 2016

STATEMENT from Moorland Association director, Amanda Anderson: “The MA has formally reviewed the incident on Mossdale Estate where an underkeeper admitted to setting traps illegally. The keeper is no longer employed by the estate. Mossdale has also resigned its membership of the MA.”


Did You Know?

75% of of the world’s remaining heather moorland is found in Britain – but this area declined alarmingly over the latter part of the last century. The Moorland Association was set up in 1986 to coordinate the efforts of moorland owners and managers to halt this loss, particularly in England and Wales.

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