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Moorland Association welcomes High Court decision

15th March 2019

The High Court in London today issued the result of a judicial review into Natural England’s decision to grant a licence to allow brood management of hen harriers.

Amanda Anderson, Director of the Moorland Association: “We are delighted that the judge has upheld the decision by Natural England to licence the testing of brood management to see if it will enhance the conservation of the Hen Harrier in England. All seven grounds brought by the RSPB and Dr Mark Avery did not succeed and the claims were dismissed by Mrs Justice Lang DBE.”

Brood management is a proven conservation tool that has been used successfully in other countries with other species and has the potential to improve Hen Harrier numbers in the English uplands, which is a shared goal. The government-led Hen Harrier Action Plan has provided a blueprint that should deliver a sustainable and well-dispersed hen harrier population and we look forward to working with our partners in the plan to deliver meaningful results.”


Did You Know?

75% of of the world’s remaining heather moorland is found in Britain – but this area declined alarmingly over the latter part of the last century. The Moorland Association was set up in 1986 to coordinate the efforts of moorland owners and managers to halt this loss, particularly in England and Wales.

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